"I come from proud a family that has been involved with public service for as long as I can remember. I want to work for you. We need to create more living wage jobs, improve our schools, and make public safety - especially getting guns off the streets, a top priority. With nearly a decade of government experience, I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate the complicated governmental agencies, and get things done."

Children / Education


Assemblyman Nick Perry always puts children first.  Assemblyman Perry firmly believes that every child in our great city and across New York State who attends our public schools has a right to an educational environment in which he or she can perform and achieve to the height of their capability and be exposed to the best quality education which will adequately prepare them for an endless future of success. Assemblyman Perry was a fervently supported the Campaign for Fiscal Equity’s (CFE), the landmark lawsuit against New York State which charged that the state's school finance system under-funded New York City public schools and denied its students their constitutional right. The court’s 2006 ruling required New York State to allocate over $4 billion more for annual operating expenses for city schools,plus, add a over $9 billion capital improvement plan for building projects, over the next five years.  


One of Assemblyman Perry’s top initiatives is to make certain that every public school student receives proper schooling in music and the arts.


Assemblyman Perry believes exposing our youth to the arts can nurture the intellectual process and improve academic performance. Assemblyman Perry has funded music and arts programs in many schools in his district; including PS 219, PS 233, PS 181, IS 211 and IS 285.   In an effort to ensure the safety of our children,


Assemblyman Perry introduced “Clarente’s Law” named for Clarente Turner, a six-year-old constituent who was struck and killed by an automobile while holding his mother’s hand waiting to cross the street after school; Clarente’s Law would create traffic safety zones within a 200-yard radius around all schools in New York City.Under the legislation, penalties for traffic violations in these designated school safety zones would be doubled for certain moving violations.These increased fines would serve as a deterrent to potential reckless drivers and decrease the chance of the motor vehicle tragedies that too often befall the citizens of our communities.



Even before he took office, Assemblyman Nick Perry was a staunch advocate of affordable housing, and continues to fight to maintain housing costs, protect homeowners from unscrupulous lenders, and improve the living conditions of all the citizens of the 58th Assembly District.   Assemblyman Perry has introduced and helped pass many bills which look after and empower homeowners.When the Department of Buildings (DOB) began a ticket blitz in our community, Assemblyman Perry was front and center, leading the fight against what he felt was unfair targeting.


Assemblyman Perry held town hall meetings and sent district-wide mailings in an effort to educate the public on their rights, leading to a sharp decrease in violations issued and saving residents thousands of dollars in fines.


Immigrant Rights


During his tenure in the New York State Assembly, Nick Perry, an immigrant himself, has assisted thousands of immigrants in obtaining permanent status. Thanks to the hard work of Assemblyman Perry, many families can now buy homes and work legally and share in the American dream.   Assemblyman Perry has legislation pending in Albany which would allow legal non-citizen immigrants to work as Firefighters and Police Officers in New York City.Assemblyman Perry believes it to be absurd that non-citizens are allowed to go fight and die under the US Flag in a senseless war in Iraq, but cannot fight fires in the FDNY or crime with the NYPD.  


Assemblyman Perry has also introduced legislation which would extend the right to vote in local elections to alien residents who have earned permanent legal status in this country and have been residents of New York for at least three years and who have filed an application for citizenship.   Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Assemblyman Nick Perry became the first Brooklyn politician to call for total amnesty for undocumented Haitiansliving in the U.S., believing that the much touted 18-month TPS program wasn’t enough to properly assist the ravaged nation.


Assemblyman Perry has introduced legislation which would establish a Haitian Earthquake Victims Survivor College Scholarship for persons and children or spouses of persons who survived the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. 

Civil Rights / Activism


Perhaps it’s in his blood, as a distant cousin of the legendary labor leader and first Prime Minister of Jamaica, Sir Alexander Bustamante, but Assemblyman Nick Perry has distinguished himself as a voice of the oppressed.


He has marched countless times against police brutality, visited Haiti in attempts to shed light on the human rights violation in that nation, and introduced and passed scores of bills to protect the basic rights of all New Yorkers.  


In 2005 Assemblyman Perry became the first New York Legislator to introduce a bill calling for an aggressive initiative to divest the massive public-employee pension fund from companies doing business with Sudan in protest of the ongoing genocide in the Darfur region of the African nation. The bill calls upon the state comptroller to remove all invested state employee benefit funds from businesses in, or associated, with Sudan. In 2009, Assemblyman Perry passed into law, a landmark bill that ended the barbaric practice of shackling female prisoners during childbirth in New YorkState. 


Quality of Life


Assemblyman Perry strongly believes that it his duty as your representative to increase the quality of life of all of his constituents; as such he works tirelessly to enhance thecharacter of our neighborhoods.


This includes addressing those issues that often go unnoticed unless they are broken and working to make sure that the 58th Assembly District is safe and pleasant environment to raise a family.   Assemblyman Perry recently secured $1.3 million to fix up the subway stations in the 58th Assembly District. The repairs made included; painting of ceilings, doors and platforms, general repairs platforms and stairs, upgraded lighting and the installation of closed circuit TV cameras which have proven highly effective in combating criminal activity.   Assemblyman Perry has also continually kept the pressure on the Department of Transportation to maintain and properly repair our roadways.


Thanks to Assemblyman Perry’s advocacy many areas streets have been repaved recently, including parts of Utica Avenue, Flatlands Avenue, Church Avenue and Avenue D.Assemblyman Perry also fought for the traffic calming initiative implemented on Clarendon Road and since the street has now been resurfaced, and painted to include parking lanes, bicycle lanes and a center median with turning lanes.   Assemblyman Perry’s is leading the fight against the placement of a Hazardous Medical waste Station in Canarsie. 


Assemblyman Perry passed a bill into law which would preclude the Department of Environmental Conservation from issuing permits for the construction and operation of medical waste transfer stations where they would be in violation of local zoning laws.   Each summer Assemblyman Perry brings what is normally a treat exclusive to the suburbs; right here to the 58th Assembly District.


Since 2006 Assemblyman Perry has hosted and sponsored “Movies in the Park” where family-friendly Hollywood hits are shown on a two-story high inflatable screen in a community park.